List of Tables

Table 1.1: Behaviours examined

Table 1.2: Analogies of private sourcing and open sourcing with salmon

Table 1.3: Life cycle for salmon in aquafarming (analogous to private sourcing)

Table 1.4: Life cycle for salmon in the wild (analogous to open sourcing)

Table 1.5: Cycle for ranched salmon (like open sourcing while private sourcing)

Table 1.6: Architectural problem-seeking → quality-generating sequencing

Table 1.7: Inhabiting disclosive spaces → Affordances wayfaring

Table 1.8: Governing subworlds → Anticipatory appreciating

Table 1.9: Teleonomy learns from teleology

Table 2.1: Norms characterizing private sourcing and open sourcing

Table 3.1: Pattern form (for service systems thinking)

Table 3.2: Alternative approaches to inquiry (Lewis & Kelemen, 2002, p. 254)

Table 6.1: Generative patterns of program envisioning in three concerns

Table 6.2: Generative patterns of program realizing in three concerns

Table 6.3: Generative patterns of program elaborating in three concerns

Table 7.1: Generative patterns of enskilling in three concerns

Table 7.2: Generative patterns of equipping in three concerns

Table 7.3: Generative patterns of legitimating in three concerns

Table 8.1: Generative patterns of judging material reality in three concerns

Table 8.2: Generative patterns of judging formal value in three concerns

Table 8.3: Generative patterns of judging efficient instrumentality in concerns

Table 9.1: Polyrhythmia entangling eurhythmia

Table 9.2: Regenerating entangling preserving

Table 9.3: Kinds of materiality and implications in formation

Table 9.4: Less-leading-to-more entangling more-leading-to-more

Table 9.5: Teleonomy learns from teleology

Table A.1: Activity on

Table A.2: The growth of Hackday from HD1 through HD6 (O’Donovan, 2009b)

Table A.3: Document file formats and Microsoft Office version capabilities

Table A.4: Comparison of OASIS and Ecma

Table B.1: Enterprise social strategy (adapted from (Emerick 2013))

Table B.2: Open Data Barometer, Top Global Ranking, from (Davies 2013)

Table B.3: Ideal Type Information Production Strategies (from Benkler 2006)

Table B.4: Overview of the Institutional Ecology (Benkler 2006)


Chapter 1

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